LPG (Bottling Plant)

Our experience with the LPG filling industry dates all the way back to 1936. As a result, we have had quite a lot of time to acquire corresponding amounts of knowledge and know-how. Today, we are recognised as a world-leading player when it comes to equipment, plants and services for facilities that fill liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders. You will find our solutions all around the world, and our LPG filling activities are carried out through Kosan Crisplant and Siraga.

As an industry leader, we are proud of our LPG filling solutions and how they can match every situation, customer and need. Nothing is too small or too big. With our many years of experience, we know every corner of the LPG filling industry – and every step on the way from dreaming of new filling facilities to operating and maintaining existing equipment. And we can help you no matter which step you are about to take.

Our broad expertise makes it possible for us to handle basically everything at LPG filling plants. We can design and engineer a complete solution, manufacture every piece of equipment and install everything so it is ready to run. Whether you need help with a single component or the entire system for filling LPG cylinders, we are always ready to assist you.

To ensure that the filling facilities are always up and running – and as effectively as possible – we also have a wide range of service offers and after-sales packages. We can even take care of the daily operation with everything this involves with our facility management agreements.

Facility management

We know the equipment better than anyone. So why not leave all or part of the daily operation of your facilities in our experienced hands? With a facility management agreement from MAKEEN Energy, we take care of functions that may be secondary to your business, but are primary to ours. And while we focus on the operation and maintenance of your facilities, you can spend time on other things that matter more to you.

Flexible solutions to match your facilities and needs

Flexibility is a vital part of the DNA for our facility management solutions. We match the scope of the agreement with your needs and preferences, and we see it as our finest job to design the best solution for your business. Our customised solutions span everything from all-inclusive packages to general service agreements. The only limit is basically your imagination.

A basic principle for our approach to facility management is that no plants are alike. A fixed standard solution will just not fit all. Therefore, we always start off by thoroughly investigating both your site and your needs to zoom in on and learn more about the specific context. Based on our study, we will provide you with proposals for one or more solutions. To make the proposals clear and transparent, they include detailed information about the package and its services, suggested investment plans as well as calculations on your potential savings.

Looking for a support function or an all-inclusive package?

At MAKEEN Energy, we offer facility management solutions to cover all or part of the daily operation of your facilities. We can take care of everything within the plant walls or support you when and where you need us to – simply, you decide the scope of the agreement.

With a full package facility management solution, we will handle all activities at your facilities. And we truly mean all – we can even cut the grass at the main entrance. For these all-inclusive solutions, we can take over the existing personnel, bring our own or perhaps combine the two by having our experienced supervisors manage the plant operators.

If you choose facility management as a support function, we can assist you when and where you need it. Such an agreement could for example include routine service visits with or without spare parts, an around-the-clock hotline, training of personnel, and feasibility studies to uncover areas with potential for improvement.

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