1985 The Foundation
Zarb Stores Foundation


On the right side of the photo we can see Mr Fleming Husland, from Kosan Crisplant a/s Denmark as a sales manager and supervisor in the liquid gas petroleum discussing with Mr Joseph Zarb, as a representative in Malta of Kosan, in the middle of 1985, regarding the new project of the filling system of LPG cylinders. 

After various meetings, Kosan Crisplant won the public tender for supplying the LPG GAS cylinders 12kg & 25kg to Enemalta Gas Division in Qajjenza.

1985 Investing in Kosan
Enemalta LPG Gas Division (Qajjenza)

These photos show the New LPG Gas filling equipment installed by Mr Niels, a Kosant supervisor, together with Mr Zarb, as a representative  of Kosant Criplant since 1985.

This carousel fill gas cylinders of 12kg and 25kg, with 1,200 cylinders per hour.

1986 Enemalta LPG Gas Division (Qajjenza)
Enemalta LPG Gas Division (Qajjenza)

After eleven years 1997 Enemalta Gas Division decided to dismantlement the LPG filling plant machine type U.K.N. 1500. The board of directors issued a public tender for a new filling machine including the carousel filling system. After the Board jurisdiction, Enemalta Gas Division asked Kosan Crisplant Denmark to supply Enemalta with the necessary equipment.

1986 Enemalta Gas Division
Enemalta Gas Division

Zarb Stores LTD has already supplied 3 LPG bottling plants to Enemalta Gas Division Qajenza Bir-Zebbugia. We have also supplied LiquiGas Malta LTD and EasyGas Malta 

1987 Enemalta Gas Division
Enemalta Gas Division

Enemalta gas division decide to install new bottling and testing plant which was commissioned in July of 1987 this has got a maximum production of 70M, Tons per Day. The corporations gas Division distributes some 1,016,000 Cylinders per Anum to about 120,000 commercial and domestic consumers.

1996 Together with Mr. Niels
Enemalta Gas Division

In the 1996, Enemalta Gas Division invested in the New Kosan Crisplant’s Palatalizing Systems safe and efficient. Handling of all Kinds of Pallets. 

1996 Gas Charateristics
Gas Charateristics

LPG Gas Cylinders of 12kg in Pallets of 36 each ready for distribution.

Enemalta LPG Gas Division Qajjenza Birzebbugia

1996 Introduced the 22mm clip on Kosan Gas Regulator
Introduced the 22mm clip on Kosan Gas Regulator

Euromalta Company Limited, a mother company of Zarb Stores Limited introduced the 22mm clip on Kosan regulator on the Maltese local market. The pictures shows Mr Eric Hansen from Kosan Gas Copenhagen Denmark, the than Parliamentary Secretary Mr Ninu Zammit, who was responsible for Enemalta Gas Division, Mr Edwin Cilia, then Head of Gas Division and the Chairman of Enemalta. Mr Hansen explained to them the safety of the gas regulator such as the rubber pipe attached to the gas cooker and fixed with the regulator. If any hole appeared in the pipe, in a few seconds the regulator closes the cylinder. The regulator also has a special key lock and there is no need of any tools to remove the regulator from the gas cylinder. 

2016 The 29th World LPG Forum & 2016 AEGPL Congress
Florence The 29th World LPG Forum & 2016 AEGPL CongressItaly in 2017

LPG Congress and Exhibition in Florence with Mr Luca Scravaglieri on the left, the Area Sales Manager of Southern and Eastern Europe. In the middle Mary Rose Cachia Manager in Sales and on the right hand side Mr Joseph Zarb the Director of Zarb Stores LTD Malta.

The 29th World LPG Forum & 2016 AEGPL Congress Wrap Up
Around 2,100 total participants from 115 countries and 120 exhibiting companies.

2016 A Book compiled and written by Mr Jospeh Zarb
A Book compiled and written by Mr Jospeh Zarb









Mr Joseph Zarb and Mary Rose Cachia presenting to Mr Anders C. Anderson the CEO of Kosan Crisplant a book compiled and written by Mr Jospeh Zarb, about the introduction of LPG bottling system in Malta.

2016 The First Filling Plant
The First Filling Plant

Enemalta Gasdivision Birzebbugia together with Kosan Crisplant Denmark and the agent for Malta Zarb Stores LTD on the 9th April 1987 was inaugurated the first LPG gas filling bottling plant. Filling 1,200 cylinders of 12Kg per Hour at Qajjenza Birzebbugia.  

2017 Florence Italy in 2017
Florence Italy in 2017

Anders C. Anderson Managing Director / CEO, Bo Larson CCO Regional / Director Europe/ Middle East/ AfricaMr Joseph Zarb. This photo was taken during the LPG gas congress and exhibition in the city of Florence Italy in 2017

2017 Florence Italy in 2017
Florence Italy in 2017

Mr. Joseh Zarb and his daughther Mrs. Mary Rose Cachia, together with the  CEO of Kosan Crisplant Mr Anders Anderson during the LPG seminar of Kosan Crisplant in Florence in September 2017

2017 Florence Italy in 2017
Florence Italy in 2017

Joseph Zarb the Director of Zarb Stores LTD together with Mary Rose Cachia the Agent and Anders Bjorn the Project Director and COO for Makeen Energy

2017 easygas Malta LTD
easygas Malta LTD

Joseph Zarb the Director of Zarb Stores LTD presented the book regarding the introduction of LPG Gas Bottling System in Malta to Mr. Ruben Farrugia Managing Director of Easygas Malta LTD 

2017 A Book compiled and written by Mr Jospeh Zarb
A Book compiled and written by Mr Jospeh Zarb

Photo shows Mr. Kevin J. Ellul. D.L.T.S.

Director Library services University of Malta receiving o book regarding the introduction of LPG Gas Bottling System in Malta from Joseph Zarb managing Director of Zarb Stores L.T.D and as representative of Kosant Crisplant Denmark. This representative was held on the 4th of July in the library of  the University of Malta.

2020 Installing a new LPG Gas Plan
The installation of a New LPG Gas Plan

Mr Franco Muratore Service Enginer of Kosan Crisplant installing a new LPG Gas bottling plant at Easygas Ltd Luqa Malta on the 20th November,2020. Mr.Joseph Zarb as the agent for Malta visited the plant together with Mary Rose Cachia.

2020 Mary Rose Cachia - Director
Mary Rose Cachia - Director

Zarb Stores LTD

2020 Mr. Joseph Zarb - Director
Mr. Joseph Zarb - Director

Zarb Stores LTD